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Car Warranty – Bails You Out From Overwhelming Service Bill

Car warranty is your salvage ticket when something goes wrong with your car in the future. General Motors paved the way to the idea of car warranty in the industry when it offered a three year coverage bumper-to-bumper warranty when it eliminated its long-term power train warranty. Choosing not to match GM’s comprehensive warranty coverage, they instead looked for other better options. Ford obliterated its $100 charge for warranty transfer upon sale of a car while Chrysler offered a minimum of $500 settlement for each car owner of an extended warranty on all vehicles that had been involved in accidents, repairs or sold as new.

Car Extended Warranty Used Car Warranty

Car Extended Warranty Used Car Warranty.

What To Do With Your Car Warranty

Applying for and securing a car warranty is not everything that you should do. First, you should consider the cost and coverage of your warranty contract. Different insurance companies offer varied prices for different types of warranties depending on the coverage and the time duration. In cases of repair or mechanical failure, some warranty companies pay directly the repair facility leaving the car owner to only shoulder the deductibles. When chosen with maximum care, car warranties could prove to be wise investment.

Best Used Car Warranties

Every person dreams of owning a car, but many people cannot afford to own a new car. They settle for used cars. Certain car owners take very good care of their cars. These cars do not require repair. Car dealers, companies and agencies examine these used cars and certify them according to their condition. Normally, the warranty given on used cars depends on the condition of the car. Used car buyers can get additional warranties on the car that they have purchased based on the condition of the car and certification.

Compare New Car Warranties

There are usually two parts to a new car warranty – bumper to bumper that covers everything except items like brakes and tires and the powertrain warranties that cover any parts that move on the car like the engine and transmission. Depending on the warranty that comes with your new car, you may need to consider purchasing an extended auto warranty.

This coverage comes as either a factory warranty or a third party warranty. A drive train warranty covers the drive train after the basic warranty is over.

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