Track Test 2009 BMW 750Li vs. 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550

In Previous article i have wrote about mercedes e class in china. And now i want to wrote simple review a part of mercedes as elite luxury cars in a car world lovers. And i hope this article will useful for anyone who need to know before purchase this branded cars. I have compare it with BMW 750Li, why ? because i got some email which is asked me about the best car beetween BMW 750 and Mercedes-Benz S550. So just check this out, a honest review from what i have view as a drivers.

BMW 750li Vs Mercedes Benz S550

BMW 750li Vs Mercedes Benz S550.

Acceleration Comments: I approved so abounding combinations (Sport, Action w/Dynamic Traction, Action w/DSC off, etc.) that I can’t say with authoritativeness which one was quickest. I anticipate Action +, DSC off, chiral about-face (but still auto upshift) was the winner. Aught wheelspin was absolutely the best and geez is this affair a rocket. About-face were fast, adjoining on harsh, and the ability acquainted limitless.

Braking Comments: At a accident to explain assorted endlessly distances (perhaps a hop in the pavement), but the brakes consistently acquainted able and fade-free. Huge antecedent bite, again a superfast ABS aeon with aught drama. Added dive than expected, alike in the Action anatomy setting.

Handling Comments: Benign understeer at the absolute with DSC off that was beneath abundantly with DSC on — which accepted to be the quicker way about the drift pad. Council gets abundant added as acceleration increases. (Slalom) Amazingly “buttery” council feel, acceptable turn-in, but there’s no agnosticism this is a long-wheelbase car. Acceptable balance, but alike in action anatomy approach there’s added cycle than I expected, additional understeer at the limit. Also noticed that the seatbelts close up back you alpha casting this car around.

BMW 750LiMercedes-Benz S550
0 – 30 (sec):2.02.3
0 – 45 (sec):3.63.8
0 – 60 (sec):5.15.7
0 – 75 (sec):7.58.2
1/4 Mile (sec @ mph):13.4 @ 104.913.9 @ 101.0
0-60 with 1-ft Rollout (sec):4.85.4
30 – 0 (ft):27.027.0
60 – 0 (ft):111108
Braking Rating:ExcellentExcellent
Slalom (mph):63.463.4
Skid Pad Lateral acceleration (g):0.840.87
Handling Rating:Very GoodVery Good