Tips Before You Buy Car Insurance

Before you decide to buy car insurance products, you should understand the insurance product to be purchased. Ownership of new or used cars on credit usually automatically get vehicle insurance that has been included in the installment program paid every month. However, there are still many car owners who do not understand the type of insurance purchased. Even sometimes encountered inappropriate use so problematic when filing a claim.

It is important to note, do not be lazy to compare the various car insurance on the market. Each insurance provider has different premium value options and coverage. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars can be saved by paying attention to every option offered. Diligently search for information to get the best value offer for car insurance.

Tips Before Buy Car Insurance

Tips Before Buy Car Insurance.

If the registered car is not only used by one person, write another username during the process of filling in car insurance registration data. However, no need to include the name of every person who ever used the car to be registered it. Just enter the names of people who regularly use the car.

In addition, look at the existing facilities in car insurance. Some insurance companies provide no-claim bonus facilities. That is, the insurance company will give a bonus if within a few years of protection no claims are filed.

Also check the car category covered by the insurance. If there is a plan to replace the car, make sure the same insurance can still be used or not. Often more expensive cars will be charged a higher premium.

Apart from the insurance side, note also the garage and protection system in the car. Some insurance companies can cut or add premiums based on the condition of the garage where the car is stored. Also protect the car with a security alarm or tracking system. With this step, there is a chance the insurance premium is cut by about 5 percent.

Other steps can be done from the side of the driver who registered the car for insurance coverage. Instead, avoid adding younger drivers in the list of car users. Otherwise, be prepared to pay a higher premium or lose the no-claim bonus facility. However, the main thing is to continue to be disciplined and careful in driving. Thus, the safety and security of the car and the driver is always awake.

Generally there are two types of vehicle insurance, that is, total loss only and all risk comprehensive. Total loss only provides a guarantee of compensation if the car loses or damages the total value of the same loss from the price of the car. In other words 75 percent larger than the actual vehicle price.

Replacement is done if the repair cost reaches at least 75 percent of the price of the vehicle calculated based on the market price / year of manufacture. Not based on damage amounting to 75 percent physical car. If the car is only dented or scuffed and then filed a claim, it is not replaced.

While all risk / comprehensive is the type of insurance to provide compensation / repair costs if the vehicle suffered losses / damage in part or in total due to the risks guaranteed in the policy. That is, insurance will replace any kind of minor or severe damage and loss.

Most importantly, when you buy insurance products is to study the policy issued so as not to misinterpret. Because the police is a document containing the vehicle information, the value of the vehicle is insured and clause