Take a Look at These 6 Important Points So Your Car Insurance Claim Is Not Rejected

Car accidents can not be predicted and not a few who take advantage of insurance. The goal is clear, so that the impact of losses from accidents can be minimized. So the accident is not too harm them financially. But many are disappointed when filing claims. Why?. Because not get the compensation as desired. Precisely the rejection of the insurance they received.

Of course the feeling of disappointment and anger earned due to insurance claims rejected. But do not feel emotional first. The rejection is not without reason. The following are some of the reasons under which the insurer refuses your claim. Anything?.

Car Insurance Claim Rejected

Car Insurance Claim Rejected.

1.  Incomplete Support Document.
Make sure before filing all the documents you need are really complete. If one document is lacking, the insurer will immediately reject the claim you submitted.

Follow the procedure correctly and make sure to have a photo of the damage to the car. Furthermore prepare copies of insurance policies, photocopy of driving license and vehicle registration, and claim submission form. A letter from the police can also be needed if the accident suffered caused severe damage. And remember, in filling out forms, try to be as honest and clear as possible so that when checked it is proven that you are not committing fraud.

2. Proposed Claim Does Not Include Insurance Deposit.
This is how important it is to read an insurance policy when buying car insurance. If you read it you will know what criteria are entered and not included in the insurance coverage. For example like this, in Total Loss Only what is meant to be heavily damaged may vary each insurance. It could be at least 70-75 percent or even 80 percent. So if the insurance will not bear the cost of damage if the damage does not reach an agreed percentage.

Not only that, there are some conditions that make the car can not be borne by the insurance company, such as damaged due to accidents for violating traffic regulations, damaged by natural disasters, damaged by all kinds of riots, and others. However, do not worry, because these risks can still get coverage from the insurance company if you use the extension of insurance coverage.

3. Claim Exceeded Set Time Limit.
Your car insurance claim may be rejected for exceeding the designated time limit. Therefore, after an accident, it is better to immediately take care of insurance claims so as not to pass from a predetermined limit. Usually in terms of time, the average insurance company gives a time of 3×24 to file their claim.

4. Damage Happened Before the Accident.
Sometimes when experiencing damage to get compensation insurance policyholders accidentally accident. Or maybe severe damage has been experienced before the accident experienced by the policyholder insurance. That’s why it takes surveys and photos as evidence. At this stage can explain, if the car has been damaged before being insured it can certainly not be claimed and get compensation

5. Event Areas Not Approved.
The insurance you own may have territory limits in the deal. If it happens outside the agreed area, of course, your insurance claim will be rejected by the insurer. Therefore, check again the coverage area, whether it is only in US territory alone or can include accidents outside the territory of US.

6. Insurance Policy is Inactive.
An inactive or so-called lapse insurance policy is a condition where insurance companies are not willing to pay insurance claims. Therefore, make sure the validity period of the policy that you have is still valid or has expired. When you are finished, do not forget to increase your insurance. Well, so do not forget and more easily choose the insurance that has a reminder feature insurance period.