Spot Ball Competition to get Brand New Luxurious Car

There are many ways to get great prizes like following quizzes, hunting coupons, and following competition. If we look back to the years of 1980’s we will find spot the ball competition was a phenomenon competition. Everyone could follow this competition and what made this competition very interesting were its prizes. The competition did not give small amount of money but electronic devices, and even cars, yes this is a chance to win a new car.

The method of the competition was quite easy; in general, we must find the position of a ball from a picture. That day, it was the most effective method for newspaper promotion. Nowadays, with the internet technology, this competition is reintroduced to the society.

New Luxurious Car

New Luxurious Car.

Before we try to follow this competition, we can learn some tricks to win the game. The first trick is analyzing the player’s body language. Since the focus is the ball, we have to analyze whether there was a player who kicked or headed the ball. With the body languages, we can predict the ball position. Besides the body language, we must pay attention to the players’ eyes.

This is a very logical method because all players must make the ball as their focus so their eyes will show us the ball position. Some people may think that this spot ball competition is included in a gambling game, but actually, if we want to learn further about it, we will find that the game is an analysis and strategic game. Now we can easily find online spot ball competition, just like playing on the online casino, we must above 18 years old if we want to follow this competition.

Another thing we have to consider is the quality and credibility of the spot ball competition providers, if we are playing on the reputable provider, we will not be cheated or only spoiled with promises without any real prizes.


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