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Rental Car Smarts For Cheap Deals

Rental cars come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, class and quality. You can get car rentals as sub-compacts, compacts, standard sizes, luxury, trucks and SUV. When it comes to car rentals, more and more people are looking for a truck or SUV. An analysis of rental car prices in the Denver area indicated that from company to company in alike locations prices on a SUV could vary up to 30% a day. These prices were from similar name-branded car rental locations.

Cheap Rental Cars

Cheap Rental Cars.

Most car rental companies these days have more than just cars to rent out. But not all will have trucks, SUVs, vans, recreational vehicles and exotic sports cars. Choosing the car, truck, minivan or SUV perfectly suited to you, your family or group can require some diligence. Checking out the car rental company for quality and maintenance can make your trip run smooth.

Wow! Car rental really costs!

For those businesses trips, many people may need to rent a car. If you are planning a business trip there are a number of quality auto rental companies to choose from. To qualify, you may need to provide company name, tax number and number of qualifying employees. Many of these corporate discounts are convenient for companies of any size. Additionally, savings are available for the business traveler through collaboration with leading and discount airline carriers.

Airline employees, the military, AAA, AARP and senior citizens also can get special rental rates. Other companies, such as Rent-A-Wreck, offer downloadable online coupons featuring substantial savings with reduced rates for characteristic cars, trucks or SUVs.

Luxury , Economy, and Much Rental Type Cars

There are different types of Rental cars such as luxury car rental, economy car rental, premium car rental, mini van rental, sport utility rental, pickup truck rental, cargo van rental etc. There are generally two types of rates for renting a car. They are Basic rate and Inclusive rate.

Different Car Rental Terms

There are different terms and conditions for renting a car. These terms and conditions help the renters to know more about rental cars and its rates.

Airport Access Fees:

An extra fee is always charged in case any customer picks up a car at the Airport premises. The Airport authorities can also charge a fee for parking vehicles on the airport site.

Personal Accident Insurance:

This insurance can be purchased from the supplier at the time of picking up a rental car.

Refueling Provisions:

The cost of fuel is not included in the rate of rental cars.

Theft Protection:

Many rental companies provide with insurance that covers the renter in case the vehicle is stolen. You can sometimes save significantly by booking in advance online. Frequent renters discounts also merit mentioning. With frequent renters discounts, the more you rent the more you save.

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