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101 Tips Advice Florida Car Rental Guide

The Sunshine State better known as Florida is the 4th largest state in the USA and is home to some of the most beautiful and scenic roads in all of America. The total area of the state of Florida is 58,560 square miles so I recommend a convertible or a car with great air conditioning because it can get hot during those road trips!

Florida Car Rentals Tips

Florida Car Rentals Tips.

Since Florida is so spread out with an almost unlimited number of destinations to see, a car rental is the most viable option for transportation in the “Sunshine State”. Depending on the time of year I would recommend booking in advance due to events such as Spring Break, or the Florida Key festivals which can be booked solid a year in advance. Once you make the drive out here you can park the car and enjoy some of the top hiking trails within the park. The second trail called the Leon Sinks Geological Area Trail is a unique hike not to be missed offering some very amazing sights!

Knowing Florida Car Rental Insurance – What’s Included

There are two packages. The Standard package will include all of the insurances you will need to drive in Florida, the airport fees and local state taxes that are required to be paid and unlimited mileage. Some providers will also include one extra driver free in this package which makes an economical package for a family or couple. We have called this our STANDARD package.

It includes all of the above insurances, airport fees, local and state taxes, unlimited mileage and either 3 or all additional drivers (again, depends on supplier) and an initial tank of fuel. All Clients collecting cars from on airport rental desks will incur a charge locally at the time of collection. The cost of the charge will be $2.50 plus tax for each day of the car rental to a maximum of $12.50 plus tax. This charge has been implemented by Orlando International Airport, NOT by the car rental companies, and is not included within any of the packages.

Car Rental Florida – Finding the Best Deal

Are you planning a trip to Florida? To get the most out of your Florida holiday rent a car. Car rental will give you the ability to see the sights at your own pace and visit areas that aren’t accessible by other forms of transportation. Here are some tips to renting a car in Florida.

Renting On A Budget

Are you thinking that car rental is not within your budget? You might be surprised that car rental can be quite affordable. Remember that you’ll need to include the price of gas but even with this cost, car rental will be worth it.

There are some things that will save you money on your rental car. Also think about renting a compact or economy car. Not only will you save on the rental rate but also the price of gas.


It pays to research what you’re covered for when renting a car. If you need to get car insurance from the agency then make sure you research your options. They will generally push the most expensive option but a cheaper option may be what you need.


A car rental is generally cheaper when it’s part of a package. There are deals available that include your rental, hotel and airfare.

Searching for Rental Cars

To find a rental car use the internet to research and book your rental. You will easily be able to compare car models and prices to find the best Florida rental for you.

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