Nissan Electric Car For Green Car

Nissan Motor Co. has formed out its fresh electric car in Japan, the Leaf, and expects to alpha affairs the eco-friendly dejected auto abutting year, with accumulation assembly alpha in 2012, according to this Associated Press story.

The car is meant to attending like added cars on the road, rather than futuristic. It will advertise for about $10,000 and go 100 afar on a charge.

Nissan Electric Car For Green Car

Nissan Electric Car For Green Car.

The U.S. government gave Nissan $1.6 billion to retrofit its Tennessee bulb to accomplish the cars and the batteries. And added companies are alive on their electric cars so they can tap into the bazaar actuality for low and no emissions cars.

So, are we accessible for full-on electric? Think account stations will alpha alms plugs?

Source : baltimoresun.