Justin Bieber’s Christmas Car Decoration

Justin Bieber has his own way of expressing his joy to welcome Christmas 2017. He channeled his sense of fun by decorating a Mercedes Benz G-Class car into a Christmas tree.

The luxury car that was once white was now covered with a picture of Santa Claus, a Christmas tree complete with a pile of gifts, as well as the polar bear family embracing each other on the ice in the Arctic. Body of the car he was drawing with Christmas trinkets. Visible car is blue decorated with Christmas tree. The front of the car looks like a gift wrapped neatly with red ribbon.

Justin Bieber's Christmas Car Decorations

Justin Bieber’s Christmas Car Decorations. (backgrid)

Not only the back and front of the car that gets the decor, on the side of the car was written, “Merry Christmas” complete with a picture of a cartoon sinterklas accompanied penguins and red bears covering red christmas.

Justin Bieber's Christmas Car Decoration

Justin Bieber’s Christmas Car Decoration. (backgrid)

While on the front, on the hood there is a rope motif stretched to the back of the car, and decorated ribbons. Overall from the front, the motive of the car seemed to describe gift wrapping decorated with ribbons.

Justin Bieber's Mercedes Benz G-Class

Justin Bieber’s Mercedes Benz G-Class. (backgrid)

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Christmas Car Decoration

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Christmas Car Decoration. (backgrid)

The photo of the christmas car decoration had been previously uploaded to Justin Bieber’s instagram story. He called decorating the Mercedes Benz car like a Christmas tree, as a joke of happiness. Bieber also had time-lapse video upload that shows him decorating a Christmas tree in his home. He ended the video with a jump and a cheerful smile toward the camera. Merry Christmas Bieber.

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