Are You Driving Without Car Insurance ? | Car Insurance Tips

Are you driving without car insurance? According to several Richmond-area insurance agents that spoke to CBS 6, thousands of Virginians are “risking it” and getting behind the wheel without coverage. Most are blaming the economy. CBS 6 called several agents including those who are with franchises and independent dealers and all say they are seeing an increase in customers who are either past-due on their payments, are being cancelled for non-payment or are calling saying they’ve been laid off from work and need to modify their coverage.

Although there are no surveys or hard statistics agents, with Nationwide Insurance say about one in five drivers are driving without some kind of coverage. They say it’s not only risky, it’s also illegal in Virginia. The insurance agents say despite the Department of Motor Vehicles Insurance Data collection process, many drivers are falling under the radar and basically getting away it.

Driving Without Car Insurances

Driving Without Car Insurances.

Agent Jim Bocrie in Ashland has been in the business for 30 years. He says he’s seeing the increase and says there are ways to save money on your coverage without dropping it all together.

  1. Shop around for lowest rate
  2. Reduce your medical coverage
  3. Drop your car rental portion
  4. Increase your deductibles

Bocrie says insured drivers should also beef up the property damage and bodily injury portion of their coverage, because it could increase if you’re involved in a serious accident.