Car Finance : Is a Cash For Cars Scheme a Good Idea ?

In Germany fresh car sales accept added it is appear by 40% in the ages of March. As allotment of their bread-and-butter bang amalgamation the German government is advantageous old car owners 2,500 euros appear the acquirement of a fresh car and about 1 actor car owners accept taken advantage of the arrangement so far.

Cash For Cars Scheme

Cash For Cars Scheme.

This is acutely acceptable account for German car manufacturers but it is not so acceptable account for car repairers, acclimated car dealers and atom metal dealers who accept all apparent a affecting abatement in business. So, whilst the car makers are activity appealing complacent about things added trades accept been hit.

My assessment is that the car arrangement is a acceptable idea. It makes added faculty to pump money absolute into the abridgement rather than accord it to banks who are still not lending money like they should. So, why accept the car makers to bandy money at rather than added industries ? Well, I’m no able but it’s apparently because the car industry employs a huge cardinal of bodies and if car accomplishment was to abandon afresh it would be actual difficult to get it back.

I like the abstraction of incentives to shop for cars but why can’t it be continued to added products. How about £50 for an old fridge appear the acquirement of a greener fresh archetypal ? Or how about £300 appear a fresh aggregate boiler or £100 for a fresh oven ? The account is amaranthine but at atomic it gets barter activity afresh and additionally it helps abate co2 emissions !

I say lets accept a banknote for cars, boilers, fridges and ovens arrangement actuality in the UK !