Car Charity on Roof of the Word Rally

Roof of the World Rally Launching July 2018!

Have you ever heard about this events ? Actually i got to know this event after i have check my box on this morning. Roof of the World Rally is some event for ppl who want to charity. So there are FUN in Charity season and of course its on Summer Vacation.

Here is some information about Roof of the World Rally Launching July 2018.

The roof of the world charity rally takes you on a 16,000km sky-high journey to some of the highest roads in the world. You’ll follow in the footsteps of marco polo and kublai kahn, discover the silk route through china and tajikistan, brave the pamir highway to the roof of the world’s highest region on earth, and maybe even hit everest base camp on route. Starting in brussels and ending in dushanbe, tajikastan via china and tibet, this is truly a once in a life time opportunity.

Car Charity World Rally

Car Charity World Rally. (

This rally is for the brave, the adventurous, the hungry and the driven. Are you strong, in need of a challenge and desperate to do something less than 0,01% of the world’s population will ever do? Do you have what it takes?

Passion? Adventure? Charity? Sure, but also, the highest region in the world! By car! We’re suggesting you drive all the way to ancient cloud-grazing tibet, be a buddhist for a bit and then drive on to tajikistan where the needy and worthy are waiting eagerly to take ownership of your ever-useful vehicle.

We’ll wave you off in brussels and greet you with open arms in dushanbe, tajikistan, but not before leading you on the toughest and coolest 7 weeks of your lives, through central asia, incredible china, breathtaking tibet and finally the jaw-dropping pamir highway!

2018 The roof of the world rally is a semi-convoy 4×4 rally that sees you and a maximum of 3 of your friends source a worthy 4×4, get yourselves prepped for serious overland adventure, and join one of the most inspiring trips you could dream of. Part non-support, part convoy, this rally gives you the freedom you want combined with the support you need to visit some of the hardest places in the world to drive to!

The roof of the world charity rally is an annual event kicking off with a launch event in brussels in early july 2018 and then the 7 week adventure begins!

I hope its this information would be useful for anyone who have need to join with this Charity!

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