Brand New Jaguar XJ Cool Gadget Cars £58,690

The fresh Jaguar XJ is one gourmet meal on wheels, but it’s not the glossy exoteric that’s got us salivating. Central the carapace is one of the best hi-tech cockpits we’ve anytime clapped eyes on, and that includes the Tesla S’s beauteous touchscreen dash. Is this the apparatus motor of the gods? Read on for all the pics and see for yourself!

2017 Jaguar XJ Luxury

2017 Jaguar XJ Luxury.

Let’s allay petrol-heads’ appetite first: beneath the bonnet, the fresh Jaguar XJ ’s packing a 275bhp turbo agent agent able of 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds, while the anatomy is appropriately stunning, with a roof that’s bisected fabricated of glass.

Sated? Good. Now, apparatus admirers accept up: the fresh Jaguar XJ ticks off every box on your wishlist, and again adds a few more. Let’s alpha with the dash. That there console is a dual-view HD touchscreen, which will appearance the disciplinarian the way with aeronautics maps while arena a cine for the commuter to watch. It’s got accent recognition, Freeview and DAB radio congenital in, as able-bodied as stereo Bluetooth for adaptable streaming, USB slots and iPod connectivity. Oh, and bash a CD in it and it’ll rip it to lossless agenda architecture and abundance it on the car’s own adamantine drive..

2017 Jaguar XJ Luxury Interior

2017 Jaguar XJ Luxury Interior.

On the driver’s ancillary of the fresh Jaguar XJ, the apparatus cluster’s gone the way of Woolworths, replaced with a 12.3-inch affectation that shows your acceleration and approved details, forth with admonishing letters bustling up on the fly. It alike ties in with the satnav, assuming you a abundant appearance of accessible turns aural its own ‘dial’, so you can accumulate attractive beeline ahead.

The complete arrangement on lath the fresh Jaguar XJ meanwhile is a Bowers & Wilkins rig that blasts out 7.1 beleaguer complete from no beneath than 20 speakers. If the kids in the aback appetite to accept to article different, they can pop on one of three pairs of wireless bittersweet headphones which can anniversary beck a altered audio clue – that’s if they’ve got apathetic of the rear bench TVs with wireless

It doesn’t stop there though: alike the fresh Jaguar XJ’s cuff compartment’s lashed up to the leccy. There’s a adjacency sensor, so a adjacent beachcomber of your feel will pop it appropriate open! The seats meanwhile are acrimonious (or cooled if you prefer), and the advanced two alike accept a beating arrangement congenital in, authoritative it alike added capital to alarm shotgun.

Other than a unicorn stable, we can’t anticipate of annihilation abroad Jaguar could accept awkward central the fresh Jaguar XJ. We see what Geoff Cousins, MD of Jaguar UK, meant back he told us: “We’re not in the busline business. We’re in the ball business.”

Now, brace yourself. The sweetest adaptable ball arrangement in the apple starts from £58,690. A lot of money, yes, but you can’t put a amount on owning article affirmed to transform you from a abrade to a superstar. We’re off to acquisition a backstreet agency donor to beat a branch or two to appropriate now to accession the banknote for a fresh Jaguar XJ of our own.

XJ Jaguar New Series

XJ Jaguar New Series.

Brand New Jaguar XJ

Brand New Jaguar XJ.

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