Audi “Intelligent Emotion” project with Student Concept Renderings

Design contests are often held by manufacturers to see what the newest crop of young designers envision for the future. Audi is no different in that respect, recently tapping into the talent pool of design students at the Munich University of Applied Sciences for their latest project with the theme, “Intelligent Emotion.”

As stated in the release we’ve posted after the jump, “The project’s goal was to envision the ways that alternative forms and fuels might be employed in the future, while balancing that with the long-standing needs of individual mobility.”

Audi Intelligent Emotion design

Audi Intelligent Emotion design.

Eleven different concepts came out of the project, including everything from a hybrid supercar to an alternative concept for lightweight interior designs. The stated objective of the design project was “to present Audi as a sporty premium brand as well as a pioneer in technology and design.”

We’d have to say that based on what we see in the gallery, they have succeeded. The exteriors are instantly recognizable as Audi products, and they remain futuristic without going completely I, Robot. The concept cars are great, but it’s the interiors really deserve special mention.

Audi Intelligent Emotion project.

Audi Intelligent Emotion project.

The naked front seat looks amazing and the lounge-like interior is really clever. Check out some of the ideas in the high-res gallery below, and don’t forget to read the full release after the jump.