5 Cars That We Can’t Buy

The Ford Mondeo has been on auction for years in adopted markets, and this fresh U.K.-designed adaptation has been billed as a abundant car for bodies who don’t charge “posh” badges. When it came out, the world’s automotive columnist heralded the accepted Mondeo as a great-looking car that is actual nice to drive. Not awash yet? What if we told you James Bond collection one in “Casino Royale?”

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo.

Prospects for American buyers: Ford hasn’t fabricated any official comments about this car affective stateside, except that the Ford Fusion is about the aforementioned admeasurement car as the Mondeo (and they won’t be aggressive with anniversary other). The accepted Fusion is based on a Mazda chassis, but there is belief that the abutting Fusion will be based on the accepted Euro Mondeo.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500.

That’s appropriate we said Fiat. As in: Just bought Chrysler to accretion admission to the American market, Fiat. Like the C6, the 500 brings a fresh (this time Italian) angle to a bazaar bedeviled by the Germans: BMW’s Mini. Think of it as a cantankerous amid a Mini and a Smart car with a little Italian brio befuddled in.

Prospects for American buyers: The 500 will be accessible to Americans in 2011 and will be added or beneath the aforementioned as the car that has been on auction in Europe back aftermost year, according to Richard Gadeselli, a Fiat spokesperson.

Pagani Zonda

Pagani Zonda.

The Gran Turismo video bold addicts amid us already apperceive about this one. Powered by a Mercedes Benz V12, and congenital in the aforementioned breadth of Italy as Ferrari, Pagani has been a basic in the European Psycho-car bazaar back its conception in 1992. Sure, best of us couldn’t shop for one alike if it was accessible here, but it’s nice to dream.

Prospects for American buyers: The accepted archetypal Zonda is on its way out afterwards a continued run and abounding altered iterations, but Pagani has appear that its abutting model, alleged the C9, will be accessible to Yanks with abysmal pocketbooks.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta.

Also currently out of our butt at the moment is the Ford Fiesta. Like the Mondeo, the Fiesta is a Ford of Europe architecture that accustomed aerial marks by automotive journalists overseas. The name Fiesta may adjure up images of adolescence afresh armed with their driver’s licenses, canoeing the boondocks in their abhorrent econo boxes, but the adopted columnist labeled the Fiesta as European Car of the Year in 2008.

What Ford says: The Ford Fiesta will be advancing to the American bazaar soon. Ford already has a few cars out on the alley for a PR campaign. According to Robert Parker, a Ford spokesman, the American blueprint models will be on affectation at the abutting L.A. Auto Show.

Citroen C6

Citroen C6.

Citroen larboard the American bazaar in the automotive agitation of the mid-’70s and never absolutely came back. This C6 is a luxury-oriented car in the ambit of BMW’s 5 Series, Audi’s A6 and Mercedes’ E Class. What Citroen brings to the bazaar with the C6 is a different perspective. The admirable styling, arbitrary biconcave rear window and costly abeyance are aloof some of the appearance that you don’t absolutely get on any of the German cars these days. The Citroen C6 is an absorbing best for bodies who get pleasure actuality different …. If they could shop for one … but they can’t.

Prospects for American buyers: Not actual good. There accept been a few rumors about Citroen aggravating to acknowledgment to the North American market, but it doesn’t assume actual likely. At the aforementioned time, that’s what a lot of bodies were adage about Fiat.